Valentine's Day is a time when we remember love, beginnings and friendships ... all those bonds that unite us among human beings.
We celebrate it every February 14th around the world except in China.
RoseAmor with our preserved flowers, we have thought of you and the best way to reach those special people and write stories that last forever.
GET INSPIRED with the colors for this season and don't stop falling in love.

Hearts for lovers

Beautiful hatboxes in different colors.
If you are completely in love, nothing like arriving with a beautiful heart full of red roses, which in our color palette are RED 02 and RED 01.
But if you want to give a nice detail to your best friend or your mom or maybe a client, a heart full of preserved roses in pastel colors we suggest our PIN 89 or PEA 89.

Don't forget to add a delicate card that expresses your feelings.

Valentine's Day decoration details

Valentine's Day is a great time to let your imagination run wild and decorate your office, office, hotel, lobby or home.

Who of us don't like to arrive and find special details according to the time of the year?
Our preserved products are 100% natural and versatile. You can find roses in different sizes, colors and effects.
For Valentine's Day, nothing like a heart rose as the special detail of your own creation.

Remember that at this time we must use intense reds or go with pinks and whites, accompanied also by our preserved complements: stems, leaves and sepals.
Everything will depend on the situation!

Small details for decorating

Straight to the heart

Wouldn't it steal your heart if a beautiful bear covered with preserved roses arrived unexpectedly with a card that says I LOVE YOU or maybe it came with an invitation for a romantic dinner...?
Or that your sweetheart sends you this wooden detail for your desk with a photo of the two of you with preserved red roses, accompanied by a card saying: You are always in my heart?
Let your imagination fly and let the memories last forever.

Weddings and more weddings

February being the month of love, is the perfect month to say YES and start a new stage of life with the one you love.
We leave you bouquet inspirations for this special day with some of our varieties and colors.
Remember that the bride's bouquet is one of the important stars of this special day, since it will accompany the bride on her way to the altar and later will be her faithful companion in the photographs.
Traditions say that the bridal bouquet should be given to someone very special. With preserved flowers this gift will last a lifetime.
In RoseAmor we have a wide variety of sizes and colors of preserved roses, so you can match the corsage of the groom and the bridesmaids.
The bouquet does not have to be white, it can be in a variety of tones according to the time of the year or the bride's personal taste. At Valentin we recommend RED.

Stylized and contemporary decorations

We live in a time of the world where the stylized and minimalist is in vogue. Why not think of these exquisite details of large size for a center table or an elegant and sober foyer.

We hope you enjoy each of these 100% natural preserved flowers inspirations and let your imagination and that of your clients run wild.
No one better than you, to help your clients break the mold and make wonderful creations that will take them to the next level in their business.

No one better than you, to help your clients break the mold and make wonderful creations that will take them to the next level in their business.

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