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Preserved flowers are also known as eternal flowersforever flowers, everlasting flowers or stabilized flowers on international markets. These last as long as dried flowers while keeping the texture and flexibility of fresh-cut flowers.

We are the biggest producers of preserved roses in the world. You can find us in Ecuador at 2800 meters above sea level, where the most beautiful roses grow.

We grow and process RoseAmor preserved roses ourselves, which guarantees premium quality floral products for consumers across the world.

What is a preserved flower?

Preserved flowers are long-lasting natural flowers that last up to a year or more without losing their color, texture, or shape with just some minimal care.

Care Tips

This is how you take care of your preserved flower:

No Humidity

No Water

No Sunlight

Remove dust with care,

don’t crush or bend the petals.




If you visit Quito don’t miss the beautiful floral arch we made to welcome you at the airport with 100% natural long-lasting roses.

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