One of the most beautiful times of the year is MOTHER’S DAY!

Mom, a Word that englobes a world of professions, abilities, feelings, responsibilities, and so much more…. Or we could say that they are A WORLD FILLED WITH COLORS.

This page has been created so that you (clients, moms, salespeople, florists…) can delight yourself with inspirations from great floral artists that will help you to open the minds of your clients in your country, your colleagues, your friends, or maybe even of yourself. Create marvelous combinations with diverse presentations for that perfect gift for mom that WILL LAST FOREVER.

Inspire yourself with different combinations such as violet and light blue, with contrasts in green and white. The recipe uses our PRESERVED FLOWERS:

You can make bouquets, hatboxes, or a personalized gift box with a rose head.

These can be gifts that will make mothers of any age feel unique.


Modern mothers like to break with traditional stereotypes… so, why not give them something special and DIFFERENT for their homes, their offices, consulting rooms…. etc…

At your country you can find marvelous flower vases in various sizes in order to achieve these recipes with white, red, yellow, light blue, green, and pink.

Nothing like a modern and joyful touch at mom’s home.


Mothers around the globe are caring and have a heart filled with love for their kids and family…

They are women that like to make their home a warm and caring place for their family. We would like to inspire you with small pieces for your washroom maybe, or for a small spot on in your living room, your library, or the bedroom. Or go all out with a big centerpiece for your living room.

She will feel good about seeing her family get home to a place they love.

Make something like this with our diverse preserved roses such as the traditional rose or the garden roses.



And of course we can’t leave aside our grandmothers, those women who dedicated their entire life to their family and built the way for newer generations with their stories that will last forever.

For them we offer something that will bring warmth to their hearts during their times of reflection and remembrance.

They dedicate their days to meditate and reflect upon their past and the future of their families.

For this we can use inspiring colors such as white, beige, and peach; with a touch of green and violet.


To advice our clients we must not only guide them through marvelous creations, but we must also make them feel the emotions and sensations that a preserved flower is able to give, forever.

A mother’s love and tenderness can be wrapped up in a hug…. Never stop hugging her… that is a memory that will live throughout your life.

Our colors are only one click away!